The Compromis de vente

The notaire or agent can draft the Compromis de vente, which will be written in French, but may have an English translation if you pay for a translator. Whoever is named as the purchaser(s) and you are intending to use mortgage funds, the same name(s) must appear on your mortgage application. The Compromis is a legal contract, you should read it carefully and consult your notaire before signing it to check that all the details and conditions are correct, such as:

Details and identities of the vendor and yourself (the purchaser)

  • A full description of the property
  • The surface area of the property and land
  • The purchase price, the breakdown of fees and who will pay each fee
  • Details of the notaire and sales agent
  • Details of any fixtures and fittings included in the sale which is not often the case in France
  • Results of reports on asbestos, lead and termites
  • Details of your mortgage, the date of when you should have your mortgage offer and the date of completion
  • Any let out clauses (conditions/clauses suspensives) and the penalties that will be incurred by you or the vendor if completion doesn't take place

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