Antibes Events and Exhibitions

The most famous of the festivals enjoyed by Antibes travelers is the Jazz a Juan Festival which takes place each July.

This festival has hosted famous jazz musicians including Ray Charles, John Coltrane, and Ell Fitzgerald and it also highlights the work of up and coming jazz artists. Even those who are not usually fans of jazz will appreciate the air of festivity in the city during this event. The drawback, of course, is that its popularity means that the area is terrifically crowded during this time, so visitors should make their travel plans in advance if this event is of interest to them.

Another summer festival is an annual yacht race which takes place each June - Les Voiles d’Antibes. It is a five day event which catches the attention of everyone in the area at the time.

Travellers who are seeking to avoid the major tourist rush of summer but who still want to catch local festivals will be happy to find out that events do take place in Antibes all year around.

Mardi Gras in February is a popular choice, but there are also arts and crafts shows in April and numerous small events in October.

FIREWORKS FESTIVAL - during July/August from Antibes-Juans-Les-Pins and Cannes, spectacular, dinner on the beach music and fireworks great night out dont miss it.

Here is a list of the main festivals in the region:

  • Sacred Arts Festival, January/February.
  • New Orleans les Pins Jazz Festival - March.
  • Arts and Crafts show (April).
  • Antique show (April).
  • International Bridge Festival (May).
  • Young soloists' Festival (May/June).
  • Les voiles d'Antibes (June).
  • Operatic Festival (July).
  • Jazz Festival (July).
  • Musical Fireworks Festival (August).
  • Rally Race of Antibes (October).
  • All information is provided by the Antibes Tourist Office

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