Monaco - Monte Carlo Events and Exhibitions

Aquatic sports
Monaco Yacht Show September
Size matters at the exclusive Monaco Yacht Show, where the smallest barque to secure a coveted berth in Port Hercule will measure no less than 20 metres from stern to gleaming bowsprit.

Automobile racing/fairs
Rallye Automobile Monte-Carlo January
Monaco boasts 300 days of sunshine a year, but anyone who imagines the historic Rallye Automobile Monte-Carlo, known internationally as the Monte-Carlo Rally, is a roof-down leisure drive need only stand along the race’s famous Col de Turini section.

Folklore & Traditions, Award ceremonies
International Circus Festival January
“If you can’t ride two horses, you have no place in the circus.” So the saying goes. But any performer hoping to ride away with Gold and Silver Clowns, the highest awards of the International Circus Festival, would,one suspects, have to saddle up...

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